I’ve just finished this little gem of a book. Aimed with all creative people in mind, I devoured my nicely designed copy, swathed in matt varnish, during a single day, choosing to read it firmly from the perspective of amateur musician and songwriter.

Although a master of wide range of creative media, Mark’s true passion for music, shines through on each page, with constant references to music, recording and performing. Using his background as a designer and early experience as a fine artist, Pearce takes great care to expand the examples to include other creative disciplines.

With a few pages of introduction neatly out of the way, he moves quickly on to the widely applicable concept of ‘The Creative Wound’, carefully and compassionately explaining its cause and effect. Pearce sensitively unveils how many, most, or possibly even all of us, carry these wounds and goes on to provide a scattering of  examples that immediately leave the reader scanning their family, work and love lives for parallels. And no doubt finding them.

It’s a unique approach to not only a problem that stops creative people from further creation but one that prevents a far greater number from unveiling their clandestine creative projects or even taking their ever first steps.

Adopting a highly personal, empathetic tone of voice, Mark’s writing is insightful, encouraging and analytical in its approach to a personal and delicate subject, eventually offering a first aid kit packed with healing processes, rehabilitative exercises and options for future growth.

In summary. I was consumed enough to read the book cover to cover, barely lying it down more than half a dozen times. Mark’s words stirred me to consider my many creative obstacles and what caused them, when and why. In most cases I was able to clearly see how I had overcome them. In other cases, I was able to make a plan to overcome them in the future.

A good read for any creative person, particularly those involved in music – but an absolute must read for anyone who lacks the confidence to embrace and unveil their creative spirit.