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Christmas Without You

The title says it all really. Just sat down to take up the annual challenge of writing a Christmas song and this tumbled out. Though I would try a kind of cheesy boy band approach. As it was a garageband… Continue Reading →

Love You From A To Z

Here’s a song I wrote around the alphabet. A bit more cheerful than the last few and although it has a serious message I managed to squeeze in a few amusing lines – I think I got away with it…. Continue Reading →


A song I wrote which started off as a tune about pushy parents but ended up a sad song fuelled somewhere deep down by the thoughts of those who become the unnoticed victims of recession and the compounded misery it… Continue Reading →

Coulda Woulda Shoulda

I wrote this song during one of those moments we all have when we ask ourselves how things might have turned out differently if we’d made alternative decisions in our lives. It should be pretty clear from the song how… Continue Reading →

Beautiful Day

Another song I wrote. Not a complicated one with any great or deep meaning, this one’s simply an attempt to capture that feeling you had as a teenage boy when you were heading off to take the hand of a… Continue Reading →

Happy Christmas Mother (Lyrics)

I put together up a lyric video for my song Happy Christmas Mother. The song relies heavily on the lyrics and the story they tell so I thought I’d lay them out – and save you lot from having to… Continue Reading →

Tell Me With Your Kiss

I was working late, I came home crept upstairs and slipped as quietly as I could into bed. The duchess didn’t say a single word – she just reached over and gave a single soft, silent kiss. A kiss that… Continue Reading →

Independence Day

I wrote this song while my eldest song was on his way to Germany for a trip away with the school. It was his first trip away on his own and I was amazed how cool he was about it.

Sail On The Tide

My brothers eldest son just turned 18 and is heading off to University. When I started to think about that day, which will no doubt come too soon for me and my kids as well, I scribbled down this song…. Continue Reading →


No real back-story to go with this one. I was just in a kind of carefree mood when I wrote this song. So I thought I’d bottle up some of that positivity for future reference. I made a few mistakes… Continue Reading →

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