Here are a few sites that I find useful as a guitarist and songwriter. Let me know if there are any you would add to the list.

Songwriting resources

  • Rhymezone – The daddy of rhyming dictionaries. An invaluable resource for songwriters.
  • Word Hippo – A useful rhyming dictionaries. An valuable resource for songwriters.
  • Idiom Site – handy place for songwriters to find a useful phrase or two
  • The Free Dictionary – A handy online dictionary and is a good source for songwriting idioms, phrases and alternatives
  • The Urban Dictionary – An unusual resource for songwriters but a invaluable one for the right project.

Mixing Software for songwriters

  • Garageband – Apples entry level music creation software. A great tool.
  • Audacity – handy free tool for recording music. Doesn’t like nice like garageband but does some jobs very well.

Guitar resources for songwriters

  • Strings Direct – Order your strings online and have them delivered to your door the next day. I buy my string from these guys every time. Great service.

Guitar tuition for songwriters

  • Justin Guitar – Fantastic online tuition and totally free – amazing.
  • Guitar Jamz – You’ve gotta love Marty Swartz – the grand daddy of online guitar lessons. He is the man.

Movie Making resources for songwriters

  • imovie – Apples entry level music creation software. A very powerful tool.
  • Powtoon – online animation site. Design for making business presentations but had lots of possibilities for music videos.
  • Superstring – a handy lightweight app for creating lyric videos. Super easy to use.

Resources For Learning Songwriting

  • Songwriting Magazine – an excellent online resource and well worth signing up for the e-newsletter to have a regular dose of inspiration and education drop into your mailbox.
  • BBC Radio 2 – Some useful advice for songwriters here
  • World of Songwriting – some useful stuff here
  • Sodajerker On Songwriting – an absolutely amazing resource. The podcast features interviews with an incredible array of the worlds greatest songwriters. These guys know how to dig up all the right questions and tease out the richest answers.
    I have listened to every one I look forward to each new arrival. If you write songs, you shouldn’t miss these podcasts.

Songwriting Competitions

Independent Music

  • Fresh Independence – a fabulous site that compiles the best from independent songwriters around the world. A fascinating and personality filled site.