Cost £9.99


daveoffofsongsdavewroteWhen I first saw this gadget, I was blown away. What a great idea!
As a guy who loses more pics than I can afford to, the thought of having and endless supply was very appealing. So without hesitation, I bought one.
When it arrived I set about punching every scrap piece of plastic I could find until I had a big box full of assorted picks.
I made pics from old credit cards, margarine tubs, ring binders, plastic boxes, waste packaging from kids toys and anything else I could find.
My recycling bin gained more space and my pic box bulged at the seams.

The pick punch. A handy addition to and songwriters toolkit

The pick punch. A handy addition to any guitarist and songwriters toolkit

I have used the pick punch now for over a year and it’s going strong.
Punching pics out is easy although with lighter weight plastic there’s often a ragged edge but that can easily be smoothed away with a nail file (or the edge of a matchbox).
Experimenting with different materials is fun and you often end up cutting real favourites that you cling to as carefully as you can.
Today, I’m never without a pocket full of picks and have probably saved myself a small fortune too.
The two side benefits I would never have predicted are:
1. I feel good about the recycling element – making useful stuff out of junk feels good every time
2. The pics have memories – old ski passes, membership cards, and stuff like that. Currently my favourite pick is a piece of my youngest son’s Dennis The Menace fanclub membership card which I found in a drawer from about ten years ago and cheerfully punched into picks.

So in summary: One of the best ways for a guitarist to invest £10. An excellent gadget that saves you cash.