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songwriting book review from songsdavewroteI’ve read piles of books on songwriting over the last year or so and this is truly one of my favourites.
It is very easy to digest and packed with little gems but offers so much more than a lesson in songwriting word-smithery.

Lyrics - Writing Better Words For Your Songs by Rikky Rooksby

Lyrics – Writing Better Words For Your Songs by Rikky Rooksby

At A4 (ish), It’s size alone makes it feel more like a reference manual and that is exactly how it now feels to me.
Long after enjoying reading it for the first time I often find myself pulling this book off the shelf and flicking through the pages trying to find guidance or inspiration for a particular sticking point in a song.
The last third of the book offers a sourcebook of ideas which is helpful focus for a drifting mind. Throughout the book there are nice quotes and examples which help to put things in perspective nicely.
Most of all, as a novice songwriter, when you read this book, you feel empowered and energised, mainly because Rooksby talks as an equal, as a old friend who’s happy to help but never in the slightest bit judgemental.


In summary, this is a book every songwriter should have on their shelf and one that’s particularly useful to the novice writer.