daveoffofsongsdavewroteI was watching the news a few weeks ago and a piece came up about a gothic festival that completely took over the town of Whitby (I think) including a prize for the one judged ‘best dressed goth’.
It made me chuckle to see the divided opinions of the town folk. Some horrified that Satan’s army had descended upon them and others, (obviously closet goths) just dressed up and joined in. And of course the shop keepers, horrified or not, revelled in the increased business. Just to add to the madness of it all they showed a clip of a load of goth ladies merrily singing a Kylie Minogue song to the camera. A fantastic mash up of heresy, irony and bigotry.
So I knocked up a quick, throw away song to celebrate the moment. A bit cheesy and hardly a Eurovision winner but it made me smile at the time.