daveoffofsongsdavewroteCost: £6.99

As soon as I  opened this book I realised it was not aimed at me. There is so little content, you could read the entire book in less than half an hour.

It could just be my personal learning pattern but for me this is not a book that provided any information or even inspiration for songwriting.

All that said, it was my mistake to buy the book in the first place. It doesn’t claim to be a technical manual, this book offers itself as a catalogue of ‘innovative exercises in creative songwriting’ and that’s exactly what it delivers. Each page reveals a new exercise, which is partly why it would take such a short tie to read. Example? Page nineteen has no words on it other than:
” You are the alien who just landed this spaceship. Talk in your native language and say anything you like for fifteen minutes”.

Songwriters Playground Innovative Exercises in Creative Songwriting

Songwriters Playground Innovative Exercises in Creative Songwriting

And so the book goes on.  I can however see a market where this book would be a useful resource. Anyone who is involved with teaching  music and /or songwriting in any form would do well to spend a few quid on this book. Let’s face it, at seven pounds (or possibly less) buying this book isn’t going to break the bank and if you are part of a songwriting group or circle or you run workshops in songwriting and you’d like a bunch of exercises to have a giggle with which could help you unlock your students creativity, this would do the trick. But for your average songwriter, it’s not an ideal purchase.

In summary: A wise investment for anyone involved in teaching music or working with groups in music who’s looking for a reference manual full of workshop ideas. For your average songwriter – a waste if cash and time.