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daveoffofsongsdavewroteThis was a ‘sit down and devour it’  kind of book for me. Long stints spent eagerly gobbling up page after page meant I finished the entire book in a couple of days. And when I was finished, I turned to the first page and started all over again.

The truth is, this book was so incredibly revealing and enlightening that I wasn’t sure it had all soaked in the first time and I wanted to make that I absorbed sure as much of this wise lady’s wisdom as possible. I know, I know… Pat is actually A bloke. But at the time I read the book I assumed he was a girl. A few weeks later I saw a video online somewhere of him talking about songwriting and was surprised to see a man talking.

Pat’s  advice on rhyming and song structure is clear and easy to understand and he describes how to go about creating an appropriate relationship between the feelings of stability and instability to enrich your lyrics

Writing Better Lyrics - The Essential Guide to Powerful Songwriting

Writing Better Lyrics – The Essential Guide to Powerful Songwriting

I found it hugely rewarding experience putting music and melody aside for a while and focusing entirely on lyrics. When you dig deep, as Pattison does marvellously, you start to realise what an immensely complex and important area lyrics are.

The whole book is peppered with short pertinent examples of writing by Pat’s students and you join them in the classroom as Pattison dissects their word’s to help you understand what really works and what doesn’t

After reading this book I certainly started to think about lyrics in a different way. I began creating and relieving tension, I started looking for ways to disguise and reveal and often find myself zooming in and out.

In summary: If you are studying songwriting and you haven’t read this book. Buy it and read it. Today. Your lyric writing and ultimately your songwriting will benefit. But before you start reading remember this Pat is a man. And in the world of lyric writing – Pat is the man.